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Masku, since 1232.

Masku Municipality



The Masku Municipality is located just north of Turku, in the province of Western Finland and it is a part of the South West Finland region. The municipality is unilingually Finnish. The municipality has previously also been known as “Masko” in old Swedish documents.

Current population of 9,694 and officially the municipality was founded in 1870. The history goes back several hundred years before that.

Askainen and Lemu municipalities were consolidated with Masku at 2009.

A marine climate dominates in western parts of the municipality, and forests dominate the eastern parts. There are 62 islands, of which Livonsaari Island is almost half of Masku’s land area.

The beaches formed in the rubble holes are also known as “Masku’s Riviera” with clean ground water. There are also beaches by the sea with sauna for free or for rent.

Outdoor actvities such as frisbee golf, fishing, bird watching, picking berries and mushrooms available on beautiful hiking trails and playing on the excellent 27-hole golf course Kankaisten Golf is absolutely a must for golfers.

There are three medieval churches, Masku, Lemu and Askainen and two castle/manors Louhisaari (Villnäs) and  Kankainen (Kankas) in the municipality.

Historical persons from Masku are Hemminki Maskulainen and the Marshal of Finland, Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

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Tourist Information

Maarit Lindström
Tel. +358 50 3248 519

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Masku Municipality office

Address: Keskuskaari 3, Masku
Tel. +358 2 4388 200
E-mail: maskunkunta@masku.fi
Personal e-mail: first name.last name@masku.fi

Open: Mo-Fri 9–16

Municipality Director

Arto Oikarinen tel. +358 44 7388 300

Financial and Personnel Manager

Nina Vainio

Director of Education

Pekka Karenmaa tel. +358 44 7388 301
Schools in Masku (Primary and Secondary school), education etc.


Outi Suvila tel. +358 44 7388 380

Director of early childhood education

Hanna Rousku tel. +358 44 7388 355
Children’s day care

Planner of sports and fitness activities

Hanna Pennanen tel. +35844 7388 242
Services providing a general framework for sports and fitness
Sports facilities and equipment
Sports and fitness for groups with special needs

Coordinator of youth activities

Jatta Ihaksi tel. +358 40 8327 801
Outreach youthwork
Coordination and leading youth leisure activities
Preventive work against substance abuse
Youth with special needs activities

Technical and Environmental Services Manager

Kimmo Thessler tel. +358 44 7388 250
Water supply
Building inspections
Parks, playgrounds
Environmental protection
Land use, measurements and map-matters
Properties owned by the municipality – maintenance and building